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Blue Lotus Flower Resin Extract 250:1 - 1 Gram

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This is a concentrated extract (250:1) of Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea Caerulea).

To use, place a pea sized amount into a wine glass and mix until it dissolves. You can also place a small amount under your tongue. It produces very calming, relaxing effects, and may aid in sleep.

It can also be used by mixing with a smoking herb prior to smoking.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Eaton

Blue Lotus Flower Resin Extract 250:1 - 1 Gram

Tillman Weyand
Blue Lotus Resin w/ Rig

I used a rig to see if it could be effective with the blue lotus resin. I could feel the relaxing and calming effects immediately. Not all of the resin vaporized like a dab usually would, but im certain it vaporized everything it needed to; you would just have to clean the banger more often which is totally fine if you are like me and dont care about a dirty banger. Gunna be sleeping comfy and exploring the dream world tonight for sure.

Derek Conroy
BL xtract

fine product...clean in look and taste...learning about its full potencial .

side note: the clothing dye ive ordered thrice so far has tinted my wardrobe to a hue i could not have imagined. my first time making and dying my own clothes though wanted to learn for years. WOW...crisper color ive never known. much appreciation for this tool in discovering lifes true tones
love & gratitude