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Dream Joints Prerolls - Pack of 10

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10-Pack of Premium Prerolls of our Lucid Dream herbal mixture. Each herbal joint is packed with care, and is entirely biodegradable (both the papers and filters). Due to the potent herbs blended to create this fan-favorite mix, it is likely to help assist in dream potentiation and retention, and can enable you to have a subconscious journey that you will not soon forget. This product is entirely natural and contains no tobacco or THC.

There is an added option to include CBD Flower with the original blend. 


Instructions for use: smoke a half to a full Dream Joint directly before bed, as to maximize the dream-enhancing effects. 


These Prerolls contain: 

-Calea Zacatechichi

-Egyptian Blue Lotus



The paper and filters included are 100% biodegradable and contain no tobacco. 

Net weight: About 7 grams of herbal blend between ten pre-rolls.


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Customer Reviews

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Robert Luehrs

The tin box packaging it arrived in kept everything fresh and in good shape. The roll is not to tight or loose with thin natural papers. Not some thick generic paper that affects the taste and burns all jacked up. A full joint gave me the desired effect of being cool, calm, collected but not loopy and incoherent. Good stress relief I could feel my chest muscles slowly relax as my mood changed from stressed and anxious to relaxed and loose. I would recommend and have recommended these little devils to my friends. It actually helped my girl loosen up her craps and aches during her menstruals. All in all 8 out of ten points deducted because of harsh smoke and funny taste not the fault of the manufacturer just the way this particular substance naturally is.

Jesus Guerrido

Dream Joints Prerolls - Pack of 10


package came late, but was notified about the problem a week later, over all good stuff, lots of vivid dreams!