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Complete Dream Herb Sampler Pack

Complete Dream Herb Sampler Pack

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This is the ultimate dream herb experience. Perfect as a gift for somebody who loves swimming in the mystical, and also perfect for adding to your herbal collection.

This dream pack is entirely organic and contains the following:

-Calea Zacatechichi (10 Grams)

Latin Name: Calea Ternifolia

-Blue Lotus Flower (10 Grams)

Latin Name: Nymphaea Caerulea

-Mugwort (28 Grams)

Latin Name: Artemisia Vulgaris

-African Dream Root (7 Grams)

Latin Name: Silene Capensis

-African Dream Bean (2 Beans)

Latin Name: Entada Rheedii


We acknowledge the rich cultural heritage associated with the herbs featured in our products. It is essential to respect and honor the traditions and practices of the cultures from which these herbs originate. We encourage our customers to approach the use of these herbs with reverence and mindfulness, understanding that many herbal traditions are deeply sacred to specific cultures. Let us embrace the opportunity to learn from and pay homage to these traditions, rather than appropriating them. Together, let's cultivate a culture of respect and appreciation for the diverse botanical wisdom of our world.

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