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De-Shelled African Dream Beans (Entada Rheedii)

De-Shelled African Dream Beans (Entada Rheedii)

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This is a rare listing of already cracked-open African dream beans. This helps you skip the hardest part of the process of using dream beans- cracking that bad boy open.

To use: You have a few choices of how to consume the inner flesh. You can either eat it, blend it with a drink, or crush and smoke it.

For a more detailed explanation on how to use- check out my blog post here:

Entada Rheedii is a tropical climber native to Africa that is remarkable in a number of ways. Its mammoth seeds, which can each weigh in excess of an ounce, grow in long pods that are matched in immensity. Entada Rheedii is frequently found near water and on beaches as part of a unique cycle of dispersal. Given the location of the plants, falling entada rheedii seeds easily make their way to water. These African dream herb seeds are designed with hard, impermeable coats that allow them to float for long periods of time in the corrosive sea water. Entade rheedii seeds are known to float extreme distances until they wash up on distant shores where they will germinate and form new populations of plants. As a testament to the effectiveness of this process, entada rheedii is known to inhabit shores in tropical Africa, India, Asia and even Australia. Natives consider the seeds to provide good luck, and so they are often carried. Additionally, entada seeds are used to make jewelry and can be made into a topical ointment to treat jaundice. The smoked leaves, and even the seeds according to some sources, is said to increase dream activity much like calea zacatechichi and silene capensis. Communication with ancestors through dream states is an important traditional African practice, making these seeds especially significant in the context of their culture

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Customer Reviews

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Color me impressed

I've lost track of how many oneirogens I've tried over the years, and how little they affected my dreams. I've often suspected the problem might be quality, or even authenticity (Uh...except for that cal-z tea. You can't fake that bitterness!).
I tried this product on 2 consecutive nights. I ground it in my coffee grinder and then steeped one level tablespoon in 8oz of just-boiled water for 10 minutes. I drank half the tea on each night, at WBTB-O'Clock. While I didn't' have a lucid dream, I experienced a noticeable affect in my dreams both nights. They were more vivid, more story-like, and my dreaming mind was more observant and introspective. And my dream recall was better. I find this all very promising and I plan to try combining this oneirogen with some SSILD or Raduga.

The best place to get all your dream herbs!!

The Dream Joint owner really knows his stuff and takes the time to prepare these awesome products for dreamers. The products are really natural and perfect for exploring your dreams and consciousness. The blends give me such a nice relaxing sleep and my dreams are always so interesting after I use them. Forever my fav place to buy oneirogens. Thanks for what you do!!