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Dream Herb Sampler Pack

Dream Herb Sampler Pack

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Our sampler pack includes our three main dream herbs: blue lotus, mugwort, and calea zacatechichi. Each of these herbs have their own unique effect and "character" when it comes to its effects on dreams. This sampler pack allows you to try each and decide which works best for your practice. 


These herbs can be brewed as a tea or smoked. The calea zacatechichi in particular is extremely bitter when steeped in water, so it is suggested to smoke this herb.


These herbs are all organic and sourced ethically. We ship quickly and love our customers <3.

 We acknowledge the rich cultural heritage associated with the herbs featured in our products. It is essential to respect and honor the traditions and practices of the cultures from which these herbs originate. We encourage our customers to approach the use of these herbs with reverence and mindfulness, understanding that many herbal traditions are deeply sacred to specific cultures. Let us embrace the opportunity to learn from and pay homage to these traditions, rather than appropriating them. Together, let's cultivate a culture of respect and appreciation for the diverse botanical wisdom of our world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Talethia Jean Gray-Nance
Sampler pack

This my second time ordering and I'm so glad I stopped smoking weed and nicotine.

Idle Winther
Such a cool experience

Have tried a couple different blends now with the sampler and I swear I always have the BEST sleep of my life, as well as vivid dreams that I can actually recall the next day! Will definitely be a regular customer!

demart denaro

Solid and rather generous amount for a “sampler pack” of three beautiful plants.
Thank you so much !