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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

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Elevate your botanical collection by acquiring our unwashed and entirely organic Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) seeds. These seeds offer a unique opportunity to cultivate a plant of exceptional beauty and cultural significance in the comfort of your own garden or indoor space.

When it comes to Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, discerning authenticity is paramount. We understand the concerns surrounding the presence of "ayurvedic strain" or less genuine varieties in the market. Rest assured that the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds we offer are the real deal – 100% authentic, organic, and sourced from a reputable farm.

Weight/Seed Conversion:

Since weight of each seed varies, we sell by the grams rather than by seed. Please not the number of the seeds within defined weight may vary.


We acknowledge the rich cultural heritage associated with the herbs featured in our products. It is essential to respect and honor the traditions and practices of the cultures from which these herbs originate. We encourage our customers to approach the use of these herbs with reverence and mindfulness, understanding that many herbal traditions are deeply sacred to specific cultures. Let us embrace the opportunity to learn from and pay homage to these traditions, rather than appropriating them. Together, let's cultivate a culture of respect and appreciation for the diverse botanical wisdom of our world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Daniel Bewley

Very good

Cameron Pittman
Fast shipping, beautiful seeds

They arrived 5 days sooner than expected, and they're all large and dark. Highly impressed, will buy again.

Zane Jayne
They Work

Most of them are nonviable, no germination results after 23 seeds. work for adventures through the mind tho.

Rew rew
Geniunely The Best Seeds Ever

Well TBH, I havent ordered them yet


Great! I was also skeptical at first, but I made the decision to order and even got extra seeds, very grateful for that.