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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

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Elevate your botanical collection by acquiring our unwashed and entirely organic Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) seeds. These seeds offer a unique opportunity to cultivate a plant of exceptional beauty and cultural significance in the comfort of your own garden or indoor space.

When it comes to Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, discerning authenticity is paramount. We understand the concerns surrounding the presence of "ayurvedic strain" or less genuine varieties in the market. Rest assured that the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds we offer are the real deal – 100% authentic, organic, and sourced from a reputable farm.

Weight/Seed Conversion:

Since weight of each seed varies, we sell by the grams rather than by seed. Please not the number of the seeds within defined weight may vary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Thomas Blackison
Good Quality

Bought two 6 gram packets and got them fast. They'e grow very fast and are great quality.

Daniel Nuriyev
Find the right number

I planted one seed. It was not easy and nothing grew.
I planted 2 seeds a few days later. It was very hard and beautiful flowers grew that I enjoyed for a few hours.
But I won't be able to handle 3 seeds. So I won't be buying more.
Take time to gradually find the correct number of seeds for you.
Besides, the price is good, the packaging is good.

Joe bidome
I planted the seeds in my smoothie on accident

So I was outside planting the seeds and I accidentally dropped about 15 of them into my smoothie. I didn’t even notice and somehow finished my smoothie with the seeds. About 3 hours later I met god.

Exactly what I was looking to get.

These seeds are no joke. Great price, quality, and shipping was quick. They did what one would expect them to do. Good time.

The Dude
My dog says....

15 seeds took my brain out and beat me with it. Physical agony, but mental ecstacy (insomuch as I was given answers to the big questions regarding nature of the Universe and such). This was definitely not a form of recreation, but surpassed Mr. Toads Wild Ride as an educational tool. Much weakness left the body in the process, so take care.