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Lucid Dream Herbal Blend

Lucid Dream Herbal Blend

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This organic lucid dream mixture is for those who want to go deep and explore their subconscious. Please keep in mind that the included Calea Zacatechichi (Mexican Dream Herb) is incredibly bitter, making this blend undrinkable as a tea. For this reason, this product is suggested for smoking use only. This blend is a potent enhancer of dream vividness as well as recall. It is composed of three herbs, all separately hailed for their dream-gateway properties, and all used ceremonially through countless generations. Since this is three herbs, it is a potent tea and should be tested at smaller doses at first. Happy Traveling :D

This smoking blend contains:

-Calea Zacatechichi - Known as the "dream herb", A plant used by the Chontai people of Oaxaca, Mexico to induce divinatory or lucid dreams.
-Blue Lotus Flower - A tea used by ancient Egyptions for its dream-enhancing properties and as a mild relaxant.
-Mugwort - Known as the "dream plant", used by California Indian tribes to improve people's dreams, and to enhance and generate spiritual experiences.




Instructions for use: Roll into a "joint" with rolling papers, or smoke in a bowl or pipe. It is best to use this product directly before going to bed, as to maximize the dream-enhancing effects.

Each Bag contains 4 grams Calea, 3 grams Blue Lotus, and 3 grams Mugwort. 10 Grams total.


We acknowledge the rich cultural heritage associated with the herbs featured in our products. It is essential to respect and honor the traditions and practices of the cultures from which these herbs originate. We encourage our customers to approach the use of these herbs with reverence and mindfulness, understanding that many herbal traditions are deeply sacred to specific cultures. Let us embrace the opportunity to learn from and pay homage to these traditions, rather than appropriating them. Together, let's cultivate a culture of respect and appreciation for the diverse botanical wisdom of our world.

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Customer Reviews

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Derek Conroy
lucid dream

good product...learning how to use its properties still

Another quality product from Dream Joint

I’ve experimented with Cal-Z tea and mugwort tea before but never saw any results. Perhaps smoking them was the answer.
This blend contained Cal-Z leaves, mugwort, and blue lotus. I vaped them at about 190 C. I ground them up a bit so I could get a good mix of them into the tiny vape chamber. (I had to pick out the larger bark pieces). The mix was a bit harsh. I did a few hits before bed, and another set at WBTB O’Clock. I experienced a lot of floating and moving sensations while falling asleep at bedtime. My early morning dreams were move vivid and story-like than usual.